Soccer ball on field

  • School Sports physicals $20

  • Youth Football and Cheer physical $20

  • College physical $40

  • Employment physicals $40

​​​​​​​Cash Only.

Physical examinations are required for many different situations. Playing sports, applying for certain certifications, jobs, etc. These examinations can be obtained at your chiropractor’s office. Price Chiropractic, Inc., in Yuba City, California, offers many different physical examination services.

​​​​​​​The examinations obtained in a chiropractic office are similar to the ones from a medical provider. Previous health conditions, family history, and previous
symptoms are obtained through an interview and filling out paperwork. A medication list is obtained, and the physical examination obtained blood pressure, pulse, and respiration. Reflexes are tested, as well as your range of motion, muscle tone, muscle strength, and neurologic responses if deemed necessary. If our staff needs to further investigate anything, x-rays may be ordered.