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Regular and proper exercise promotes positive effects on your general well-being. Here are some known benefits of exercise according to an online article in Health Central website.

Exercise can accomplish the following:

  • Cause the body to release endorphins, natural chemicals in the body which prevent the sensation of pain from being transmitted to the brain, and which can lessen anxiety and depression, which themselves can magnify the pain experience.
  • Strengthen muscles, which allows for less force being transferred to bones and cartilage, easing the pain of weight-bearing joints.
  • Increase joint flexibility, which allows for less joint pain.
  • Improve quality of sleep by lowering stress hormones.
  • Increase the energy level.
  • Allows weight loss, thus reducing stress on the weight-bearing joints.


Chiropractic adjustments may be complemented with some exercise therapy as prescribed by your doctor. Consult with our chiropractors first for a thorough evaluation before doing any exercise program.